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Dance Packages



Introductory Package
Intermediate Package

The Introductory Program is designed for the brand new or beginner dancer. Over the course of 4 private lessons, 2 group classes and 2 practice parties, you will be introduced to a variety of dances. At the end of this program, you will have a better sense of the dances available to you and which you would like to learn on your next customized dance program.

The Intermediate Program is designed for the intermediate level dancer or the person who knows which dances they want to study. This program can immediately be customized to encompass any dances you choose to be completed over 10 private lessons, 5 group classes and 5 practice parties.


The Wedding Program is designed for any level dancer. This program is customized to study any dances you choose, as well as include the couples' wedding dance. We can offer you a choreographed routine or simply teach you how to move to your selected wedding song. This course includes 10 private lessons, 5 group classes and 5 practice parties.

Social Dance Package

The Social Dance Program is designed for the intermediate and advanced level dancer looking for another venue to enjoy their dancing. This course includes 2 private lessons and up to 4 group classes and 4 practice parties, to be completed within 30 consecutive days. This allows for the dancer to get in a lot of social dance practice while still having the opportunity to learn more and improve their skills with a couple of private lessons.


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