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Country and Western Dances


Some of the dances listed here can also be found in other categories of style of dance. These specific dances have been adopted by the UCWDC and now appear on the Country and Western competition dance floor.




“The Latin Fun Dance”

The pulsating latin rhythms of Cha Cha will encourage you to cut

loose and let your personality show.  The rhythm demands sitters

to become dancers.  Cha Cha is the most popular latin dance in

the U.S.  It became the rage in the 1950’s as a variation of the Mambo.




“The American Fun Dance”

East Coast Swing has a carefree relaxed style that is exciting and

contagious to most everyone.  In the 1930’s Lindy climbed the

social ladder with the birth of “Swing” music.  This uniquely

American dance swept the nation with Lindy, Jitterbug and Swing.




“The Romantic Social Dance”

Slow Night Club was invented in the early 1990’s for a new tempo in music

introduced by the theme song Titanic and others like it. As an alternative

to "slow dancing," this smooth and graceful dance was designed for night clubs

and is now popular among Country and Ballroom competitions.




"The Country Fox Trot "

While this dance can vary in style and name by region, the most exciting Two Step

is demonstrated on the country western competition dance floor. This dance

is often a fast paced partner dance with lots of spins and syncopations.




“The Great Grand Daughter of all Swing”

West Coast Swing has become the rage of Ballroom and

Country dancing throughout the United States. This dance gains in popularity

due to its uniquely customizable nature. You can dance West Coast Swing

to so many styles of music and can be danced ever so slowly all the way to

unbelievably fast. You choose your speed and your style whether it be

slinky and sexy, cute and fun or dynamic and sharp.




“The Mother Dance”

Waltz develops balance and control.  Considered the mother of

present day dances, the Waltz began in southern Germany in the

seventeenth century.  It is the basis for many dances and is

popular today all over the world.

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